Street Education Program

Kanlungan established the Street Education Program for the purpose of protecting and bringing the services to the children in/on the streets.

Helping relationship with the child starts in the streets.  There are a lot of street child who do not want to be placed in the center, simply because they love freedom, do not want to be controlled or confined within a structure.  Through the SEP, services are brought to the children in the streets and communities.  The SEP also creates opportunities for the child to gain access to services and resources of Kanlungan.  The SEP bridges the services of the open day center to the children in/on the streets and communities.  

Kanlungan provides free meals, health and nutrition education, socialization, playtime, sports and recreational activities, values formation and spiritual nourishment, family camp and educational activities ( educational trips, lectures on relevant issues affecting children and youth, focused group discussion, counseling)

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