After Care

After Care Program is established to continue providing services to children who been reunited with families.  It aims to prevent children from going to and coming back in the streets and encourage them to live a normal and happy life with their families as well as sustain their rehabilitation after reintegration to their families and communities.  

Home visitations are conducted to ensure children safety and protection.  Educational assistance is extended to children whose family could not afford to send them to school.  Monthly meeting is conducted especially to those who have given educational assistance for monitoring and updates of their school performances.  Parents’ Effectiveness Seminar is also conducted to enhance parent-child relationship.  Other support services are being provided to ensure well-being of the children such as individual and family counseling, home and school visitation, medical assistance (as needed),  group dynamic sessions, psycho-social interventions, family camp, values formation, provision of basic services (as needed), educational assistance, socialization activities, education career assessment,  referrals and networking.

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