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Sa lahat ng bumubuo sa Kanlungan sa Er-Ma: Staff, Workers, Volunteers, Partners, Office Personnel, Mga Bata ng Kanlungan at sa bawa’t Board Members..

Good day! Grace and peace from Jesus Christ – our Lord and Savior whom we love and served.

As we gather to meet in this 34th Foundation Day of Kanlungan Sa Er-Ma allow me to greet you all on this great occasion. Foundation Day celebration allow us to do two things: first, this allow us to remember God’s goodness by looking at how far He has brought Kanlungan Sa Er-Ma. At the same time, through this gathering this also challenges us to move forward  and move closer towards God’s vision and plan for His creation especially those whom we serve and strive to help.

I pray that we all will do both; for to do one and neglect the other will keep us from fully accomplishing what we all are supposed to do now in our time.

In celebrations of this nature, there is nothing we can do to respond what God has done in our lives and as an organization, other than to offer the sacrifices of praise and thanksgiving for His faithfulness through the years. Nothing pleases the Lord more than the exercise of faith through witness and service.

All through the years the Lord has touched and taught each one to trust Him, to put our faith in Him, proving enough that there was never a time when Kanlungan sa Er-Ma had experienced a great loss and bankruptcy even in this pandemic times. Truly, as this year’s Foundation Day Theme is crafted, we are “Standing Strong On The Promises Of God Amidst The Storm.” Let us thank and praise the Lord for it. Ermita Malate, Manila does not need another Kanlungan. The city needs a group of people who will take God, His Word and His testimony seriously and commit to live the same. This is why Kanlungan sa Er-Ma
is here.

Everyone anchors themselves to something. Some people’s anchor is themselves – they are the only one they trust in. Some people anchor themselves to others – it might be a parent, or spouse, or preacher, or celebrity. Other people anchor themselves to things bank accounts, retirement accounts, houses, jobs, their health.

The question we must ask ourselves is: Is what I’m attached to stronger than what will go through? I believe that if we attach ourselves to anything other than Jesus, then what we are hooked to isn’t strong enough
to carry us through the storms of life and the questions of eternity. Ultimately Jesus is the only person worthy of being our anchor. Let me ask you: Would you anchor your boat to another boat? No you want to be anchored to something that goes deeper
and holds firmer than other floating vessels. Whenever we anchor ourselves to the things of this world – people and things – it is just like one boat binding itself to another boat. Experienced sailors would urge us to attach on to something hidden and deep and solid. When the storm hits, we should trust no thing and no one but God alone.

That’s why Paul declared, “We have put our hope in the living God” (1 Tim. 4:10). God and His promises are the only things worthy of our trust. The promises of God are trustworthy and true – they work – they are time-tested. The promises of God and the hope they deliver can walk us through speakable tragedies and can buoy us in our day-to-day difficulties

Happy 34th Anniversary KANLUNGAN SA ER-MA! Let us all keep on standing on the promises of God. Love and prayers,

In its 34-year journey and amid many challenges, Kanlungan has constantly emerged victorious and a huge blessing to many have utmost appreciation to everyone who has become part of Kanlungan’s transformation journey. Through the blessings of God, and the shared vision, unconditional dedication and laborious work of staff, stakeholders and the community, the organization has constantly been moving to higher grounds we never even imagined in the beginning.

Each staff’s loving commitment and efforts makes this a successful organization that benefits street children, their families, and communities. Creativity among our staff despite the COVID-19 pandemic was also key to the success of the organization. Kanlungan has achieved so much, showing that strong faith in God and hard work takes you places!

May our stakeholders, international partners, contributors, supporters, and community continue to see many more years of unparalleled success. But more importantly, may the lives of the children we serve be continuously blessed for generations to come. Together, we look forward to reaching more children and their families in different metropolitan areas. It may not be an easy journey, but the Lord will quide us and provide for us like always. Let us declare with confidence that our God who began a good work in Kanlungan, will continue to expand His work until unreached street children, their families and communities worship and serve Him.

Rejoicing with you as you celebrate this glorious 34th Anniversary!

Greetings to staff, children and supporters of Kanlungan sa Er-Ma on your 34th Anniversary!

God has been faithful. He never forgets the needs of the children and their families. He been our refuge and our fortress in the midst of danger.

The pandemic did not stop the mission of Kanlungan sa Er-Ma. Its programs and services continue to reach out to children, families, and communities.

I commend the staff and volunteers of Kanlungan for their faithful service and its sponsors and supporters for their financial support and encouragement.

May God continue to bless the mission of Kanlungan and may He give all of us a fruitful year. Congratulations!

Col. Anita A. Orane


My name is Rev. lan Herbert. I’m an ordained priest of the Church of England, currently serving as rector in the Woughton
Ecumenical Parish. I am also the current chairperson of the Streetlight Trust, a UK registered charity that was set up to support the work of Kanlungan. Over the last couple of years, it’s been tough throughout the world with the COVID pandemic. And, we’ve had the privilege of witnessing the continued work of Kanlungan.

Kanlungan continued to stand strong on the promises of God even in the storms of this life. It is also my privilege and honor to have been asked to join the Board [of Trustees of Kanlungan. Throughout the 20+ years that I’ve been visiting with my fellow trustees and many many people from the UK, we’ve been humbled by the work of Kanlungan And through their work, we are reminded in Romans 8:28 where it says, “And we know that in all things, God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.” I and my fellow trustees have no doubt that God has called Kanlungan to work for the rights of the street children and those being abused.

Over the coming years, my prayer is that will get to meet each and every one of you and endorse the work
Kanlungan throughout Metro Manila and beyond. And we ask that you pray with us as God continues to lead us

Thank you
Rev. lan Charles Herbert

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