Open Day Center (ODC)

Open Day Center is conceptualized to protect the children and to provide a safe child-friendly space for them where they be helped initially and developed holistically.  

Open Day/ Drop-in Center is open 10-hours a day, 6-days a week, where the children can avail of free meals, basic heath services, pre-home life training, alternative education, values and spiritual formation, recreational and sports activities, skills training and income generating projects, and other social services such as referral, counseling, casework with families, initial case management and legal assistance. Children can take a bath, take a nap/rest, do laundry works and have some meals while in the Open Day Center.

Services provided to children admitted in the Open Day Center:

  1. Physical Development – includes provision of nutritious meal, provision of toiletries and supplies for grooming, first aid as well as emergency medical and dental treatment (as needed).
  2. Home Life Training – seeks to develop home life habits among the children.  Every child has given household chores.  The children are trained to care and be responsible for their personal belongings.
  3. Values and Spiritual Formation – are included in the program to develop socially accepted values and character among the children as well as develop close relationship with God.  
  4. Learning Stimulation – is an activity that stimulates children’s learning and motivates them to study and participate in non-formal education activities.
  5. Sports and Physical Activity – are provided for the children to be physically active and to release physical energy in a constructive ways. 
  6. Educational Field Trips – allow children to enjoy themselves in different environment, appreciate nature and discover and learn the historical places around.
  7. Family Day and Family Retreat – help children and parents/guardians to bond together and deepen their relationship with each other.  This activity will help parents understand their children better and provide venue for the family to spend quality time together.
  8. Other Support Services – include crisis intervention center, referral, benevolence and other services that arise during program implementation.
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