Dear All,

Greetings of peace and joy!

Our Organization, the Kanlungan sa Er-Ma Ministry, Inc. is non-profit, non-government organization serving children in need of special protection and their families to improve their quality of life and well being.

For twenty-three (23) years, Kanlungan has made difference in the lives of a significant number of children and families. It adopts a holistic multi-disciplinary psychosocial interventions in helping the disadvantaged children in their healing, recovery and integration though the following programs and services :  street education , community-based programs, residential care and training programs  ( short and long term), after –care, advocacy, skills training and income generating projects, and farm development program- all with integrated values education, health , nutrition and education components.

In order to sustain Kanlungan’s operations and to enable it to reach out for and help more children and families, it needs a social marketing arm that could support its resource-generation efforts. In this regard, the “Friends of Kanlungan” was launched last April 6 2002 to become one of its needed support groups. We are, thus, declaring April 6 as “friends of Kanlungan Day”. For the past years, the “Friends of Kanlungan “has not been mobilized and organized in the way it should have been.

Last 2009, we decided to start anew and have a binding agreement with all the friends  and supporters of Kanlungan sa  Er-ma by encouraging everyone who believes in Kanlungan’s cause/mission to sign up and be an official member of the “ friends of Kanlungan “ for an annual fee of 100 only. We, therefore, would like to request you to join this campaign and help spread its membership by telling a friend to sign up too, and become a member of the Friends of Kanlungan.

Please fill up the member‘s information sheet, and sign up. Once you’ve signed up, please… don’t forget to tell a friend to sign up, too.

We look forward to your kind cooperation and help in this endeavor. Our children are our future. Let us, therefore, invest in our future!

Thank you,
For every child’s cause

Executive Director

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